We understand people


The Hood Group began as a way to fill a frustrating gap between current research and current practice. We noticed that although all the fields with which we consulted, coached, and interacted had dedicated research literatures and most had decades, if not centuries, of research on them, none of the current research was consistently being applied. At best, the research we saw being used to support practice was five or more years old, interpreted by non-researchers or was “adapted” to fit a “new model.” At worst, we saw research being used to assess individuals with “new” instruments and/or instruments that had not been appropriately tested for reliability and validity. Thus, The Hood Group was started with the understanding that solid theoretical underpinnings, practical application of current research and thoughtful human collaboration are all necessary for individual, team, and corporate high performance.



We are Connected.


We believe that true High Stakes Performance starts with a deep understanding of, respect for and connection to what it means to be a human being. We know how the human brain has adapted over time and how specific adaptations can work for us or against us in different contexts.



We are Current


We start with what has been learned about human beings across millennia and stay up to date with the current research literature so that we know which aspects of our approach might be worth changing, or rethinking.



We are Researchers


We use tried and true, validated, and reliable research to support our work. We continue to research and add to the literature while learning from our colleagues and clients.



We are Learners


We are constantly learning about ourselves, the newest technology, the world around us and adapting appropriately, just like our clients.



We are experienced


Our team brings decades of clinical, research and practical experience to our work. We think about research in real-world, applicable terms. Because of this uncommon type of common sense approach to research, we are at the forefront of our field.



We understand systems

Each system is unique as is each individual. We understand the pressures placed upon individuals as well as the system. More importantly, we understand the underlying relationship between the two is transactional. Meaning that each individual interacts with and is informed by the system and vice versa.


We understand the difference between our job and your job. We understand that our job is to not do your job.




Lorie Hood — Founder


Lorie is a Master Certified Coach; credentialed by the International Coach Federation. She is board certified in Forensic Traumatology, Domestic Violence, and Emergency Crisis Response (Diplomate Credential). She is trained and well versed in mind body medicine and dance therapy and uses a somatic approach to her trauma informed work.


Professionally, her focus is on “High Stakes Performers” (litigating attorneys, first responders, politicians, business executives, special operators, elite athletes). She uses her experience and expertise to help High Stakes Performers gain and maintain access to all their abilities to sustain high level, predictable performance without sacrificing their health and well-being.


Lorie was trained as a researcher at the University of Virginia where she focused on profound intelligence and how highly and profoundly intelligent individuals differ from the rest of the population—many of whom are misunderstood and misdiagnosed.


She received her EdS in curriculum and Instruction and is currently completing her PhD in Organizational Development and Transformation. Lorie has connected her 12 years of research on intelligence with her research on stress, resilience, trauma and posttraumatic growth and has created trainings, programs and curricula that inform human potential and performance on both individual and system levels.


Lorie studied psychology at the University of Hawaii where she incorporated meditation, dance therapy, and consciousness into her program. She received her Bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Hawaii and her Masters degree in counseling psychology from Chaminade University of Honolulu.


As a lifelong athlete and competitive horsewoman, performing under pressure is something Lorie Hood has done her entire life. She began as a gymnast at the age of 6 and had her sights set on the Olympics until sidelined by a serious injury. She began riding horses at age 8, competing at 13, and was ranked as the number one rider in the state of California from the age of 14 until she left for college. When she was not riding or training horses, Lorie was on the stage. She started touring as a professional dancer at the age of 19, and has worked as a professional actor (SAG), dancer and musician.






American Bar Association - Litigation Division

American Psychological Association (APA) - Creativity and Aesthetics Division

Society of Consulting Psychology - Translational Issues in Psychological Science Trauma Psychology Division

American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS)

International Coach Federation (ICF)

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)

National Center for Crisis Management (NCCM)




We understand systems