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The Hood Group is a Washington, DC based consulting firm focused on High Stakes Performance and Human Potential.

We train individuals in high stakes situations in becoming conscious self-evaluators who are fully present for themselves and their work. Using The Hood Group High Stakes Performance MethodSM, we help them access their abilities at will, focus in critical situations, use a greater percentage of their brain’s problem-solving capabilities, and effectively manage their energy.

When we work with individuals or organizations, we take the time to fully understand each person cognitively, psychologically, emotionally and physically. We make an effort to understand the story of YOU and what is important and meaningful to you. We listen—really listen—so that we understand where you come from, who you truly are, what is most important to you and where you want to go.

With more than 30 years of experience in individual, organizational and systems high performance training and evaluation, The Hood Group has consulted with corporate, education, legal, law enforcement, first responder, healthcare, human service, political, and academic systems.

How Can We Help?

Check out our offerings below and let us introduce you to You.Unlimited.

Coaching & Consulting

Our wide range of coaching and consulting services are designed to help you unlock your potential and access the best version of yourself in any situation.

Courses & Trainings

The Hood Group offers trainings and educational courses to translate the decades of research behind our techniques into actionable interventions you can use to change your life.

Speaking & Press

Our expert coaches have partnered with organizations worldwide to create engaging, high-impact experiences that give audiences the tools they need to revolutionize their lives.

What Our Clients Say

The Hood Group’s High Stakes Performance and explanation of the complexities of the brain/body connection helped me understand how all our complex decision making under stress on the fireground could be so much more efficient. They have made me better prepared to face complex challenges I now experience with emergency response and public safety being my primary responsibility.

― Jon Simpson, Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer

The Hood Group is knowledgeable and passionate about the field of Trauma-Informed Care. Their coaches real-life experiences and decades of work in coaching and related fields make them a fabulous resource for coaches!

― Kim Tapper, ICF Certified Life Coach

What Does High Stakes Performance Look Like?


High Stakes Performance techniques mitigate the risk of burnout and trauma and keep you at the top of your game


Our clients learn to maximize their minds’ resources so they can consistently and reliably perform under pressure


High Stakes Performance techniques help you surpass your limitations and pursue your goals with confidence, whatever they may be

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