Trauma-Informed Chaplaincy

Rise to your calling with cutting edge training

Get personalized training and coaching designed specifically for chaplains, by chaplains.


Chaplains know that their jobs take compassion, tact, and empathy. Trauma adds a layer of added nuance and complexity to that task and can complicate a chaplain’s duties if left unaddressed or unseen. Despite this, many chaplains report feeling that they don’t receive adequate training to properly recognize and address trauma in those they serve.

The Hood Group’s answer is our trauma-informed chaplaincy course. This course, designed by chaplains, for chaplains, expands your toolkit and ensures you’ll be confident and prepared to recognize and address trauma in those you serve. In addition, trauma-informed chaplaincy provides you with proprietary techniques to resist burnout and trauma yourself, allowing you to continue answering your calling and showing up fully for those who need you.

What’s Included:

  • Accompanying downloadable workbook assignments and visual aids
  • Data and scientific literacy training
  • Q/A segments and live coaching sessions

What You’ll Get:

  • A Hood Group certificate in Trauma-Informed Chaplaincy
  • Advanced, personalized training to better help you meet your clients with the empathy and understanding they need
  • Data and scientific literacy training to continue your growth even after you finish the course

Lorie Hood, PhD
Founder & Lead Instructor