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The Long Game


The United States military is the most powerful, effective force in the world. Why? In part, because they recognize that to get the best soldiers, you need the best training. In wholehearted support of this mission, The Hood Group has designed an entire training series dedicated to helping our armed forces stand at the forefront of military excellence.

The Long Game training series is an advanced training for leaders looking to deepen their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices while maximizing team efficacy and potential.

The Long Game training series is an in-depth program consisting of a 6-week course (2 hours per week) with synchronous (real-time, live) training.

What’s Included:

– Accompanying downloadable workbook assignments & visual aids
– Research articles & scientific literacy education
– Q&A segments and live coaching sessions tailored to meet your team’s specific goals

What You Get:

  • A Long Game Training Certificate from The Hood Group
  • Advanced training to keep you and your team performing at your best
  • Data and scientific literacy training to continue your growth even after you finish the course

Lorie Hood, PhD
Founder & Lead Instructor