Law Enforcement

Take your team to the next level

Get trained in trauma-informed law enforcement and use The Hood Group’s cutting edge training to keep you and your community safe and sound.


New insights in trauma research have supported what our law enforcement officers have known for years; trauma adds unique, nuanced challenges to policing.

Trauma-informed law enforcement training gives you the tools you need to safely and effectively recognize and address trauma on the job. With Hood Group trauma-informed practices, you’ll be more confident and prepared to safely de-escalate traumatized civilians, notice and intervene when necessary for your brothers and sisters in blue, and more.

Trauma-Informed Law Enforcement is an in-depth training consisting of a 6-week course (2 hours per week) with synchronous (real-time, live) training.

What’s Included:

– Accompanying downloadable workbook assignments & visual aids
– Research articles & scientific literacy education
– Q&A segments and law-enforcement specific coaching sessions

What You Get:

  • A Hood Group certificate in Trauma-Informed Law
  • Advanced, personalized training to help you safely and effectively serve your community
  • Data and scientific literacy training to continue your growth even after you finish the course

Lorie Hood, PhD
Founder & Lead Instructor