Episode 26: Demons on the Playground, Pt. 2

This is the second part of a two-part episode with Mike Lewis, an unstoppable force when it comes to PTSI (PTSD) awareness and suicide prevention. If you listened to part 1, you’ll know why suicide prevention is so important to Mike.

If you haven’t listened to part 1, be sure to catch it before you listen to this episode!

Episode 25: Wounded Heroes Documentary

Many in the Veteran, active-duty military, police officer, firefighter, and other first responder communities struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress. The usual treatment is a 15-minute consultation and a handful of prescriptions, but that’s not working!

Our heroes deserve better and so director/producer Michael Gier went on a mission and found successful treatments and programs that help anyone battling PTS get their lives back. Wounded Heroes is an award-winning documentary.

Episode 24: Demons on the Playground, Pt. 1

You can call Mike Lewis a lot of things – a husband, a father, a firefighter/paramedic. But, what you can’t call him is disloyal, or a coward.

Join me in this first of a two-episode podcast as I learn from Mike about his experiences with PTSI and why he is front in line to help those who are still suffering alone.